On Sabbatical Till Spring 2018

by Benjamin Brockway


I am preparing for a sabbatical (sorta) in California (pursuing other work opportunities) beginning early October and unfortunately can not accept any further repair work at my south Minneapolis location until Spring 2018.

As always, THANK YOU to everyone who has brought instruments to my shop for repair and kept me in business for the past six years as an independant luthier in Minneapolis, MN.

Check out my Instagram page for photos of projects from the past, present and future.



Travis Bean #53

by Benjamin Brockway

This one came into the shop after the non-original fretless fingerboard had popped off from an amatuer repair / glue job. Because of the poor fit of the old board, it was decided that the neck needed a new one. After sifting through my collection of hardwoods a 50+ year old ultra dense rosewood species floorboard was chosen.


Customer wanted to keep it fretless. I also made a brass nut and added classic clay side dots. The top of the fingerboard was left plain to keep things simple and showcase the beauty of the wood. Strung up with D'Addario Chromes 50-70-85-105.

Mosrite Gospel

by Benjamin Brockway

Mosrite guitars have their quirks which is why I love them. Here's an early 70's Mosrite Gospel that needed some electronics fixing & cleaning along with a setup for D'Addario Chrome flatwound lights.

Mosrite Gospel
Mosrite electronics

Back To Work

by Benjamin Brockway

I had some great time to clear my head amongst the beautiful landscape of Abiquiu, NM this past month.

It feels great to be back in Minneapolis, MN. There's some exciting projects happening around the shop. Stay tuned...