"I've taken guitars to Brockway (guitar repair) for everything from minor set ups to involved repairs like re-frets, and I wouldn't take my instruments to anyone else in Minneapolis. Ben takes a lot of care to maximize the best qualities of any given instrument putting emphasis on their unique qualities and tones, but with an attention to detail and craftsmanship you rarely find anymore. Highly recommended, Simply the best."

- Andy Larson (Magnetic Ghost, Whitesands / Badlands)

"Brought my thinline Eastman archtop guitar to Benjamin for fretwork and a custom pickup installation. His fretwork was exceptional and the pickup sounds great. What's more, he went above and beyond when he noticed an structural crack forming on the interior of my guitar that I (obviously) couldn't see. He glued and braced the site and assured me that it would no longer be a worry. The guitar now plays and feels better than I'd ever hoped it could. I won't bring any of my instruments anywhere else. Benjamin is a true craftsman."

- Chris Graham of Minneapolis

"Goddess bless Brockway Strings and his magic hands for refretting my early 60's Eko 500 2V ! This thing was kind of a chore to play when I got it because the frets were so worn down (action was poor, strings buzzed against frets, certain notes unplayable). Now that it has beenc refretted though... it feels practically brand new. I don't think I have ever played a guitar that has felt as good as this one does now. Be sure to direct all of your fretted instrument repairs to him! He is a v kind and thoughtful dude who cares a lot about what he does and he is very good at it. Thanks so much Ben!"

- Jaak Jensen (electronics tech)

"He saved the day!"

- Jimmy Sutton (bass player for JD Mcpherson)