The following are my price guidelines on labor for common repairs. Keep in mind it is often difficult to give an estimate without first having the object in hand for inspection. My approach is to be as upfront as possible on costs before beginning any work that is agreed upon. In-shop ESTIMATES ARE FREE. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have and/or to schedule an appointment with your instrument.


Minimum Bench Fee... $20
The minimum shop fee for any work agreed upon.

Full Setup… Starts at $40 plus cost of strings
For general maintenance and precision adjustments of an instrument. Fretboard is cleaned, polished & conditioned. Action is set to suit the player's personal preference. 12-string and Floyd Rose guitars will cause higher rates.

Nut Carve... $50
For a custom 6 string nut hand carved from cow bone. Cost of bone blank is included in price.

Saddle Carve... $50
Cost of bone blank is included in price.

Fret Dress... $120
Frets are leveled, crowned & polished to eliminate pitting and dead notes. Any loose frets will be glued down before they are dressed. Includes a full setup. Add $40 for stainless steel frets.

Re-Fret... $250 and up
Cost of materials (fret wire, nut blank, etc...) is included in price. Includes a full setup and new nut if necessary. Add $50 - $100 for a maple fretboard. Stainless steel options are available.

Dovetail Neck Reset... $250 and up
The neck is removed and the joint is re-cut and fit to the correct angle. A new saddle is often included in the price but a new nut costs extra. Fretwork is usually highly recommended.

Bolt-on Acoustic Neck Reset... $150 and up

Bridge Re-glue... $80 and up
Remove, re-fit and re-glue bridge.

Headstock Repair... $80 - $150 and up
The amount of labor required to fix a headstock break correctly varies greatly case to case. Reinforcing the break with splints will cause higher rates.

Other Structural Repair Work... By estimate
Crack repair and other structural repair jobs are all a little different. A general rule is $25 per inch for a top, side or back crack but the instrument must be inspected in person before an estimate is given.

Electronic Repairs... By estimate

Electric Pickup Installation... $30 - $40 for first $10 for each additional

Hollow Body Electronics Surcharge... $30

Acoustic Guitar Pickup Installation... $60 and up

For those in a rush, I am happy to offer same day service for an additional $20.

If you would like me to thoroughly inspect & review an instrument before sealing the deal on a purchase the charge is $20.

For all other work, my shop rate is billed out at $40 an hour.

I carry D'Addario brand strings exclusively. I find that they are a good, consistent string and for that reason most people are happy with them. I can mix & match just about any custom set you want with my arsenal of D'Addario 'custom singles'. If you are not a fan or you just want to bring your own strings for whatever reason, please feel free to do so.

Please call, text or e-mail to schedule a visit with your instrument. All work is executed with the highest standard & customer satisfaction in mind.